Frequently Asked Questions

  • ModStore provides free membership for potential buyers looking for aircraft modifications. Modification sellers pay a fixed fee to promote their products and services on the ModStore.

  • To get access to contact details of STC / modification sellers you can request free ModStore buyer membership.
    ModStore contains contact information made publicly available by FAA and EASA websites.
    If the contact details are incorrect or dated, please contact us and or the STC / modification seller so we can update the modification information.

  • is the number one aircraft modifications trading place for the aviation industry.
    The objective is to provide both buyers and sellers of a/c modifications a comprehensive platform, filled with all available modifications world-wide, enabling them to search, find and get into direct contact with each other.

    Modifications developed by Fokker Services are, just like all other modifications of other suppliers listed, part of the It is the end-user, the a/c operator or owner, to choose with which company they want to do business. Actual proposals are submitted in direct contact between seller and buyer and are therefore not part of ModStore. In this respect the competitive environment ModStore offers is just like normal business. It is of course wise to have your mods promoted with text and photo's via the ModStore as otherwise your company might miss-out on certain interesting opportunities.
    ModStore offers a valuable and qualified marketing and sales channel to sellers of modifications. To compensate for the investment made by Fokker Services in the development and sustainment of this platform, Fokker Services asks sellers for a yearly membership fee of US$ 2,995.-

    Partnerships aims to stimulate partnerships amongst sellers. In certain situations it can be beneficial for sellers to team-up as that creates the ideal proposition for an end-user.
    Fokker Services also seeks for these kind of partnerships with sellers in situations where both companies offer complementary services to one another which would be of benefit to the end-user.
    The added values that Fokker Services has to offer sellers range from engineering services, Testing, certification, documentation services, mod-kitting, logistics, aircraft incorporation, warranty handling, and after sales support.

  • You can download a leaflet describing ModStore here.

  • Please send a mail to and we will end your membership.
    Information on your STC’s will be restored to basic description as can be found on the EASA and FAA websites or completely removed if you wish so.

  • The basis of the ModStore are the STC’s published by EASA and the FAA. Since many Modifications are not listed as STC, because they are qualified as a Minor Modification we will add them to the ModStore. We are stimulating sellers to add useful Minor Modifications and share this information in the  ModStore.

  • Yes, please contact us at for all requests. Based on our experience and network we will help you find the most suitable candidates to develop the Modification.

  • Please contact the ModStore at or STC company directly to explore the possibility to extend the STC to other aircraft types/ regions.

  • ModStore is not responsible for the content of the database behind the website. (See Terms and Reference). 
    We continually work to further update and improve the correctness of the ModStore. 
    By becoming a ModStore Seller you can correct and expand the STC’s and information on the ModStore. 
    We can also remove modifications from ModStore at the request of the STC Holder.